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3D Printing Free Sample

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Product Name: Rapid Prototype Custom Made Plastic Case 3d Printing Service as per Customer's Drawing and Samples
1) Design: We use the most advanced mould design software AutoCAD, UG.
2) Manufacture: We use with advanced technology, unmatched skill, professional equipment, and experienced technicians to fit our customers' requirements.
3) Mould base: LKM Brand, HASCO and so on
4) Cavity/core material: DIN1.2344, 738H, 718, 8407, S136, NAK80, P20, SKD-61, NIMAX etc
5) Cavity Qty: Single/ Multi-cavity.
6) Lead time: 5-10 days based on the different products
7) Warranty: 500,000-1,000,000shots as per customers' requirement
8) Products material: PP, PA, POM, ABS, PET, PC, PE, HDPE, PA66+GF, PVC, TPE, etc
10) Color Standard: Pantone, Ral
11) Texture: VDI, YS
12) Price Terms: EXW, China
13) Packaging: Wood case or as per customers' requirement
Product name:Prototype
The company's strengths:1,Efficient team with many years' experience
2,Delivery in time
3,Excellent equipment
4,High quality and competitive price
Material:ABS,POM,PP, PU,PC,PA66,PMMA,PVC,PVE, Aluminum, Steel
ColorAny color, according to customers' requirements.
Surfaces treatment:light color, dumb color, rubber oil, pearlescent color, Silk-printing, anodize, chrome plating
File Formats:Pro/ engineer, Solid works, UG, Auto cad
Lead time5-10days based on the different products
Services1,industrial design
2,Brass/Aluminum parts machining
3,Reverse engineering
4,Injection molding
5,Rapid silicone mould and vacuum casting
6,CNC prototype manufacturing
Business Fields1. Project Development (ODM&OEM project) for Industrial Design, ME and Hardware Design, Tooling process and Mass production.
2. Magnesium- Alloy & Aluminum-Alloy part manufacturing
3. Tooling process (Plastic mould, Stamp-Die, Die-Casting and Sand Casting)
4. Metal machining part manufacturing
5. Rapid Prototyping
6. Low volume production by CNC, RTV, and Fast-mould etc.

1.Our Strength
a. We are a specialized plastic manufacturing factory, and can design different plastic moulds for manufacturing or as your OEM request
b. We can do 3d printing and CNC machining for samples approval, which is high precision with tolerance at +-0.01-0.03mm
c. We have 3d design ability and creativity open mind to optimize your idea and 3d drawings into practical situation.
d. OEM/ODM 3d printing service
2. Compare with CNC machining way, 3D Printing has its highlights:
I. Short cycle
II. Competitive price
III. Simple operation
Iv. Unlimited space
V. High accuracy
VI. Combinations of materials
1. What is 3d printing?
3D printing is additive manufacturing that takes computer models, and turns them into real, physical things. It takes plastic filament (PLA or ABS), melts it down into a thin layer onto a surface, moves up, and lays another layer on top – kind of like a hot glue gun affect. After layer upon layer, you are left with an an object that is very durable and long lasting.
2. What is the features of 3d printing?
Short cycle; Competitive price; Simple operation ; Unlimited space; High accuracy ;Combinations of materials
3. What's the application of 3d printing?
3D design industry, architecture, electric engineering, home design etc
4. What's the delivery of 3d printing samples?
About 2- 3 working days or depend on drawings
5. What's the format of 3d printing?
STL or OBJ file, all the 3d file can be turned into these 2 format.
Hi friend, Come here to complete your OEM/ODM project or idea, we will 3d printing it and give you best solution.3D Printing Free Sample


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