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Sobre: Your security, security and peace of mind are essential to us. All of our house maids have passed a strenuous selection process, including background and reference verification, certification tests, and training. You can rest easy, understanding that your home or office, valuables and pets remain in great hands. We are continually monitoring our maids' quality based on client ratings, to guarantee that they are regularly doing work that fulfills our high standards.

We have 15 years of cleaning experience serving property and industrial clients nationwide. We have actually cleaned up all type of different types of flooring, carpets, counters and other materials and came across countless discolorations, spills and dirt and conquered everything. We know how to safely tidy wood, marble, metal, glass and fabrics. All housemaids go through a difficult 5-day training and accreditation school so they understand how to care for your important furnishings and belongings. You're in great hands with eMaids certified housemaids.

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