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Sobre: I have been commissioned via the South Lancs Novice Radio Club for making a attractive plaque to get a no cost prize drawthey ended up operating on the 2019 Blackpool Rally for radio lovers.

I used to be provided a free run with what I created so I assumed it must be described as a plate, a Radio 'Ham' Plate! In the event the blank just isn't far from spherical I typically assault it with the entrance.

When it's all trued up I am able to start off theshaping.

Now I am aware that a great deal of viewers to my channel are knowledgeable about the notion of press cuts and riding the bevel so, as I don't desire you to shed the will to Reside, I will whiz through the initial shaping [audio] So all I'm thinking about accomplishing below is simply ending this edge below and a little bit in on the rim so down the road when It truly is off the glue chuck and I'm gripping it in the bowl jaws I can end All of this off with the back so I am not bothered about this but I just want to find the appropriate condition all about 50 % an inch in And that i'll get all this concluded off I will thin this rim down a bit I feel Potentially just curl it above listed here a little bit.

I am not fussing more than the middle with the plate yet as there's extra do the job to do there but I do must convey the rim as much as its finished point out now as I am going to really have to grip it right here when It can be off the glue chuck.

I give the rim a coat of sanding sealer and continue on with a few Yorkshire grit about the entrance about the again with the rim.

I have taken it from the glue chuck as I need to flatten the again in an effort to properly position it flat around the 'Terrific Pantoro' The winner of the draw was Robert Lynch from your Rochdale and District Newbie Radio Modern society and It can be his callsign I am about to inlay.

Robert turned keen on radio while in the early 1970s but it wasn't until finally his retirement in 2012 that he sat the many required examinations.

He earned the callsign M0NVQ I have made the lettering by cutting it from 2mm MDF which can be then glued to another piece of 2mm MDF to hold any floating elements and to create a lip at the highest and bottom which allow me to safe it into your bed These do-it-yourself templates are still while in the prototype phase.

I have coated it with diluted PVA sealer which has been absorbed with the MDF rendering it extra resilient to put on and tear.

The surface area is then rubbed down and waxed to be sure a clean motion of the stylus I just ought to discover the centre with the plate.

I obtained a load of this double-sided tape from the pound store I am unable to don't forget the amount of I paid out for it however it's seriously sticky! Time to prepare for The good 'Pantoro' [Growling] [Roar] A s I mentioned in advance of this is still in Beta so I've yet to build a clamping program that may suit my requirements.

Until then I just need to get lots of blue tape! I'm cogitating a laser information to have almost everything the central Now I understand some of you're going to be pondering why not merely utilize a CNC.

I can't for 3 causes.




No Room.


They are highly-priced.

and three.

They are high priced! I am aware two and three the exact same but it is so important I assumed I would point out it twice! in its current arrange the pantograph hasa a few to at least one reduction ratio so my 60mm superior letters will Slash 20mm letters in the Wooden.

This reduction usually takes any minimal discrepancies all the way down to a degree exactly where they missing within the grain of your wood and so are not visible.

So long as I don't mess up of course! If I do make a blunder I've one prospect tocut it again and check out again.

Following that the plate will become a coaster! I rub down all of the fuzzies and Check out every thing is all right ahead of I remove it in the device.

Milliput is magical stuff and I utilize it quite a bit but if you would like see exactly what can be achieved with these items I propose you look into Jim Overton's channel.

He's Mr Milliput.

So yes the CNC could well be great but to generally be genuine I have been a programmer for over twenty years And that i'd rather Slash the Wooden with my very own intended tools than produce code and chase a router spherical using a vacuum.

Do not get me Improper I've practically nothing towards CNCs if I had been in output I'd have won in the trice I much like fidgeting with the applications and never a mouse.

Not any more.

Back again over the lathe I am able to now complete the center in the plate.

I'm limited to about 600 rpm With all the bowl jaws but that's adequate to cut back the Milliput and reveal the lettering.

Milliput is quite a bit harder in comparison to the Wooden and I am in danger of leaving the inlay somewhat elevated After i'm sanding- Never inquire me how I am aware this - so this 75mm sanding pad may help me to stay away from this.

A tad more Yorkshire grit followed by Wooden Wax 22.






and the Job's a great'un Are you aware of, I had a lot of enjoyment making this plate, I produced some more for my friends! Thanks for looking at :-) you.

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