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Sobre: CENGIN entered international market in 2007; we are still young but ambitious enough with a global vision. Taking parts in exhibitions home and abroad CENGIN has established reputation and brand image worldwide. We have achieved good results and won high praises from customers in Europe, Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia.
Our Factory      
Our factory covers an area of more than 30,000 square meters and has 400+ employees. Among them, there are nearly 100 heavy machinery engineers, technicians, professional technology and management personnel with full set of manufacturing, processing and inspecting equipment and instruments.
Our Product
Lifting / Handling Equipment like Gantry Crane (RTG, RMG), Overhead Crane, Portal Crane, Launching Girder, Jack-up Barge, Winch, Hoist, etc.
Product Application
Our products are commonly used in general industry, shipbuilding, precast yard, bridge and port construction, marine and offshore projects, vertical shaft field and large-scale installation project and other hoist engineering.Four-link Boom Rubber Tyred Portal Crane Made in China

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